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50 or 100 Watt Emergency Power Inverter System


Whether your emergency lighting fixtures are fluorescent, incandescent or transformer controlled low voltage lighting, your choice of emergency lighting power is Astralite INV-50/100. The INV-50/100 output is a modified square wave output that will run most fluorescent, incandescent or transformer loads up to the rated wattage

of the unit.


Wall Surface Model: Heavy duty 18 gauge steel cabinet with baked on corrosion-resistant white powder-coat paint finish is provided as standard. Other colors are available.


Batteries used in the Astralite INV-50/100 are maintenance-free sealed lead

calcium and will provide many years of dependable service.


Upon failure of the normal utility power the Astralite INV-50/100 will be turned on by a fully-automatic solid state switching circuit and provide emergency power to the selected load. The INV-50/100 can be wired in three configurations to meet the required level of automatic protection. 1) “Normally On” - the selected load will always be “on”, when utility power fails, the selected load will stay on. 2) “Normally Off” - the selected load will come on only when the utility power fails or 3) “Switched Mode” - the selected load is controlled by local switching and can be turned on and off in the normal manner using a local wall switch, should a power failure occur the selected load will automatically turn on regardless of the position (on/off) of the local wall switch.


Tested and Listed to UL 924. Meets or exceeds NFPA NEC and OSHA illumination standards. ETL listed.


5 years on housing and electronics with a 5 year pro rated warranty on battery

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